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They can buy direct access to the newsfeeds of voters their digital team identify as receptive to their messaging. Indeed, they’ve been running campaign ads since summer. The two cakes are topped with tamarind and mint chutneys and served on a plate of sultry chole, a rich and liberally seasoned garbanzo bean stew. 600 W.

To combat all this, the park has put lockers in campsites and parking lots, started renting bear proof canisters for dirt cheap, and, of course, is giving some highly unorthodox Bear Talks. And on top of all that, if a bear peels off your window and eats whatever is in your car, the park considers it your fault, and they fine you..

Before the 19th century, Christmas was seen as a time when regular social order could go eat a dick. As part of this annual Bizarro World mentality, people would go door to door making noise, drinking, and playing instruments with the expectation of being invited inside for food or booze.

Found him unresponsive, police in Missouri’s St. Charles County said in a statement.. Speedway Christmas runs through Dec. 30 and will be closed Christmas Day. Nothing on the Stephen’s assembly line is digital. „The old stuff cheap jerseys you can fix,” says Steve, gesturing to an old Toledo scale.

Is the dream club for me that could be built in maybe Fort Lauderdale, said Paul Shaffer, before holding court at the bright red piano in the so called Red lounge. Want to promote a kind of a good timely alcohol infused sing along kind of vibe. Wave action on lakes tends to beat the structures apart over time, Leisure continued. Siding and some structural damage will undoubtedly occur if not the complete dismantling of structures in some cases.

The EAB was originally discovered in Michigan, and has since spread to 22 states, including much of America’s Midwest. According to a map on the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website, Ohio in particular has a pretty significant infestation of ash borers.

As attention turns to Bangladesh, Primark is among the companies with the most to lose. The retailer has more than doubled sales in the last five years to 3.5 billion pounds, far outpacing rivals on the British high street like Hennes Mauritz and billionaire Philip Green’s Topshop.